Please watch the video's below of people affected by long term wireless use. 

Children's brains absorb more radiation than adult brains. This makes them more vulnerable to the damage wireless can cause. Here's why... 

 Read the Research by Om Ghandi et al, 2013.

Children are More Vulnerable to Wireless Radiation

Parents For Safe Technology

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer- the average radio frequency radiation energy deposition for children exposed to mobile phone RF is two times higher in the brain and 10 times higher in the bone marrow of the skull, compared with mobile phone use by adults. Read the IARC Monograph.  

Want to get technical?

Read the research by Om Ghandi showing increased penetration into children's brains. 

​Check out a power point presentation he gave a few years ago. Underestimation of EMF/NIR Exposure for Children for Mobile Telephones and for Electronic Article Survellance(EAS) Systems

Smaller Heads

Children have smaller heads than adults. The radiation goes deeper into their brains because they have a shorter distance from their skull to their brain center. Government regulations were based on a 220 pound man’s head, not a child’s head.

Thinner Skulls

The skull actually slows down the radiation. The thicker the skull, the more roadblocks to the radiation moving forward. Since children have much thinner skulls than adults and so they have less protection. Research shows that children absorb up to ten times the radiation in the bone marrow of their skull than adults.

Rapidly Developing Brain

During childhood the brain is rapidly developing. Children learn at a far greater pace than adults because of the incredible growth and plasticity of their brain. However, scientists who expose animal brains to even small amounts of microwaves, find damaged brain cells and more dead cells.  Disruption of brain development at an early age can cause significant neurological changes later on in life.

Higher Water

Children have a higher amount of water in their brains and bodies.  Radiation travels quicker the higher water content in the tissue.  So children are more conductive to this radiation because of their unique physical makeup.

Stem Cells

Children have more active stem cells in their bodies. Research shows that stem cells are often more reactive to low levels of microwave radiation than other cells.  Stem cells are cells that differentiate into specialized cell types and make more cells. Thus, the critical cells responsible for our children’s development are the most impacted by wireless!