Color Handouts

Doctor’s Advice on Cell Phones

This is best printed on glossy color paper. It is a great way to start a conversation with a fellow parent. From the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) Resource page.

iPads: Get the FactsParents for Safe Schools developed this excellent two sided flyer on iPads.

WiFi in Schools by Parents for Safe Schools:This colorful flyer is a great handout on wifi in schools.  It asks if your child is having any wireless sensitivity symptoms. It is Canada specific but we in the USA will share it with friends to show how this issue is a worldwide effort.  

Glossy Postcards: Best printed online for the best price.

The BabySafe Project: Reduce wireless exposure for a healthy pregnancy! See the Recommendations.
Save the Girls: Keep cell phones out of your bra! EHT
Save the Boys: Keep cell phones out of your pants!EHT

Information for Parents on How to Reduce EMF Exposure

A Guide to Avoiding EMFsby Cindy Sage and Nancy Evans. We highly recommend this detailed resource for parents ready to clear the house of EMF's. 

Some Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation:  Dr. Moskowitz developed this one page handout of basic Safety Tips.

Ten Steps to Safe Tech: EHT developed this one pager that the City of Greenbelt now hands out. 

Information for Schools and Administrators

Schools and Wireless: A Short Introduction

This is a short  printable introduction to the health issues related to Wi-Fi  so that you can start a dialogue in your community- From the Environmental Health Trust

Schools, Wireless and Health: The Full Briefing with Research
This longer document is an excellent follow-up document to share with schools by email. It provides information and links to sources that discuss the critical issues regarding school technology, including: Health Issues, Best Practices for Technology, and International Actions.  The second half of the document contains internet-linked research studies: a scientific rationale for a precautionary approach with children. Environmental Health Trust

Safe Schools 2012 

A comprehensive international document by WIFI in Schools UK detailing the scientific rationale for caution with wireless.

Briefing For the Oregon State Legislature: An excellent and concise document on the dangers of Wireless Radiation. 

Wireless Technologies and Young People: A resource for UK schools

from dated October 2011 

Barrie Trower's WiFi Report: Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares? 


Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility Wireless Technologies – An Urgent National and Global Emergency: Canada. Excellent source of information. 

Factsheet #1: What Parents Need To Know About Safe Technology

This is a single page, two-sided Fact Sheet that introduces to parents why we need Safe Tech.  It should be presented alongside our Doctors Advice on Wireless and Children Brochure. Environmental Health Trust

Commonly Asked Questions about Children and Wireless

International Precautionary Actions Against Wireless Radiation

This document details the actions that countries are taking around the world to reduce wireless exposures to children. Environmental Health Trust

An example of a Proclamation on Wireless for your Town.

Click to Read EHT's webpage on How to Adopt a Wireless Safety Proclamation in Your City.

Ten Tips for SAFE TECH
This one-pager details how families can reduce their exposure to wireless radiation with simple steps. Environmental Health Trust

EHT has an entire page of even more printable resources you will find helpful. Please go to EHTRUST.orgfor more.

Handout: Increasing the awareness about “Electro-smog” : Mobile/wireless technology and its effects on health

Extremely Useful One Pagers!

New Federal Policy Needed for WiFi: Dr. Joel Moskowitz' flyer explains why current safety standards are inadequate to protect health.

iPads:  Are our Children Safe?  This one page Green Gazette Magazine article is useful for sharing information on iPads with other parents.

What do the CDC, FDA, and FDA Say?

This one pager details what truested agencies say about wireless. Great to have for anyone who says our government says wifi is "safe".

The Precautionary Principle

Read a Green Gazette article by a World Health Organization expert about the need to act now. 

Autism and EMFS.

Little Bodies Out of Sync Read about the connection in this Green Gazette article by Cindy Sage.

Letter against Wifi by Dr. Herbert (one side) and Dr Carpentar (the other side).

American Academy of Pediatrics letter in Support of the Cell Phone Right to Know Act.

American Academy of Pediatrics letter to the FCC

The BabySafe Project Flyer with picture and ten recomendations

A List of the Fine Print Warnings that instruct users to keep a distance with cell phones and other wireless devices.

Colorful Magazine Articles

WiFi In Schools:Are We Playing It Safe With Our Kids? The Santa Clara County Medical Association Bulletin March/April 2015:An excellent introduction for parents. 

Q Weekend Magazine Feb 2015: This details efforts in Australia to remove wireless from schools and features quotes from prominent Doctors. 

Parents Magazine:Is Wi-Fi Risky For Kids:  This Parents Magazine could go further in terms of communicating risk and clear action but still begins the important discussion on wireless and kids. 

​INVISIBLE THREAT: The Link Between Wireless Radiation and a Host of Serious Illnesses by Frank Clegg, former Microsoft Canada President . See it ONLINE HERE. 

Important Documents 

Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates: By Norm Alster Published byEdmond J. Safra Center for Ethics Harvard University

Resources to Share with Parents and Schools

Scroll down to see flyers, briefings and colorful PDFS of articles that explain this issue in full. Please print out these resources to help inform other parents and your child's school. We also recommend getting copies to local libraries and bulletin boards. There are many online printing companies where you can get documents and color postcards printed for cheap. Scroll Down, this is a long list. Consider this your library of handouts!

Spread the Word!

Parents For Safe Technology

For US parents: We created this color flyer to print and share. It has a front and back and answers common questions. Click to download SIDE 1 and SIDE 2.

We thank WiFi in Schools Australia for their excellent Template. 


For parents in countries outside the US : We are still working on one. (See briefings below)Australia has an excellent one downloadable HERE. 

​Stop Smartmeters Wireless Public Information Card: This excellent two sided card can be bought for the cost of shipping at 

Two sided business card for parents to print and share. It can be printed front and back  with black and white. Click to download SIDE 1 and SIDE 2.

For US parents: We created this black and white brochure to print and share. It can be printed front and back  with black and white. Click to download SIDE 1 and SIDE 2.


For parents in countries outside the US please use this Side 1 and Side 2. If you would like this brochure with your groups website or country specific information- we are glad to add this information. Pleasecontact us and we will create it and send it to you.

Parents for Safe Technology

We developed these handouts for sharing with other parents. Best printed front and back, black and white.