From a Forum unnamed. 

We parents can handle such comments. 
Our children sometimes are overwhelmed by it. 

It needs to stop on all fronts. 

"Live in a Cave With a Tin Foil Hat. Do it Now Please"

It needs to stop on all fronts. 

Watch the 1 minute video that sparked such outrage. 

Always Speak Your Truth

Silencing is easily rationalized when people who speak out have been stereotyped and discredited as stupid, being of poor character and extremists needing "their own island".  

These responses completely avoid an intelligent discussion  of the issue. 

When information is presented. 

"Put them on an island together"

"Homeschool Your Damn Brats"

6. Discredit Blindly: Pull out a factoid off google as if it proves everything and refuse to hear more discussion. 

5. Tell Them They Are So Different, They Must Leave

4. Attack Their Sincerity.

Call them hypocrites (based on no real facts). 




1.Call Them Names: Idiots Stupid, Dumb, Label Them. 

Cyber bullying is a growing issue our children face whenever they get online.  
However, what we have below are examples of parents being belittled when they have raised concerns about wireless health risks.
These tactics are used worldwide to marginalize kids who are different and to alienate people who speak out:  

Online Safety

Personal Attacks and Name Calling

We also are sharing Facebook responses to the WUSA Story about parents concerned about wifi. After that story was posted on the WUSA Facebook page, people posted numerous angry comments. 

Parents For Safe Technology

This information was posted as free speech. It is commentary, criticism, and news reporting. The images here were posted on public websites viewable by all. (W-USA Facebook page. Should anyone feel they were misrepresented please contact us at 

​Do you have an example of online bullying to share?

If so please send it and we will post it.

Email us at 

Let's get this out in the open

so we can then focus on the issue at hand- our children! 

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

As parents we know that silence will get us no where. The time to speak is now. The sooner we get past this initial phase of anger from uninformed people... the sooner we will see postive change. 

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

Melissa presents a 2007 BBC article here. Penelope responds with an updated BBC report. Melissa says she does not have time to view it.  

A video of Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chief of OBGYN at Yale is presented. See how Randy responds. 

"Scarier Than Dead People"

3. Lump Them as Belonging to Other “Extremist” Groups.


2. Consider Them Hysterical, Dumb &Crazy

​1. Basic name calling:Idiots Stupid, Dumb
2. Label the women "hysterical": You are crazy. Calm down you worry too much.

3. Lump them as belonging to other “extremist” groups: They don't vaccinate their kids, hate technology and more. 
4. Attack their sincerity:If you care so much why aren't you doing this and this as well. 

5. Alienate: Get away, you are too different: Tell them they should move away from the rest of us because they are just so so so different. 
6. Discredit Blindly: Pull out a factoid off google as if it proves everything and refuse to hear more discussion. 

These tactics avoid the issue. 

They avoid a thoughtful engaged discussion on the presented facts. 

Please see below these examples of this labeling, name calling  demeaning , discrediting, alienating, and excluding behavior. Should you encounter such unfortunate behavior- please do not take it personally. It seems to be happening to many parents who speak up about this issue.