Parents For Safe Technology

On Tuesday Feb 11, 2014 this email was sent.

Dear Princeton University Environment Health and Safety Staff,

I am writing as a parent deeply concerned about your official Princeton Statement on the safety of WIFI. This statement is outdated and contains clear  inaccuracies requiring immediate attention:

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Princeton responded on Feb 23, 2014 stating that

We did receive your letter.  ..... 
Of course the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors are of the utmost importance to us.  With respect to wifi safety, we keep up with the most current information and believe our practices are sound.
We will respond to your e-mail more fully in a few weeks.

Princeton University

Parents continued to write letters. You can read some of them here. Parents also sent in the mail (real mail) a letter with information on the BabySafe Project, research abstracts and scientists statements. If you want all the details please contact us.  Parents also called and left messages.

Parents finally noticed the site was pulled down by August of 2014.

In the final email chain from January 2015,  the parent asked what the next step was for Princeton.

Princeton staff responded in an email with reviews and summaries and ended with "I will not respond to further emails about WiFi hazards, but I did feel that it was a polite and reasonable thing to do to let you know what information we’ve been looking at."

​Read it here. We are thankful for the exchange and hopes that Princeton uses safe technology after a true review the research. 

We are thankful for the s

Parents and Princeton University

Read the emails calling for Princeton to update their website and remove outdated research.