Universities are Being Notified

Parents For Safe Technology

Parents are writing Universities around the country asking the University President to take action on the issue.


Yale University

Letter sent on March 1, 2015

Harvard University

Letter sent on March 1, 2015 


 Thank you for your letter to President Faust regarding wireless routers.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness in sharing the research with us, and we will certainly keep it in mind as we think about this important set of issues.

signed by staff
Please read the March 24, 2015 exchange here. 

Princeton University

Princeton University Pulls WiFi Safety Assurances in 2014

A website has released emails and screenshots detailing how Princeton removed a position statement that their wireless networks “do not present a hazard,” after letter writing campaign by concerned parents.

Read the Press Release HERE

Learn more here. 

University of Maryland

Letter sent: Learn more here.

If you are writing your alma mater or would like to write letters and add to our growing list, please email us.