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Roots And Wings School


In 2010 Roots and Wings School removed WIFI from the school.

Please watch this news video to the left about their announcement. Below we have posted the letter that the Head of the School wrote about their actions to protect their students and staff. 

​November 1, 2010

As a long-time principal of an independent school, I see the health and safety of our children as a non-negotiable responsibility. As technology contributes to ever-changing environmental influences, it's often a challenge to stay informed to the degree required to protect ourselves, and particularly our vulnerable children. I was therefore very appreciative of the information provided by "Citizens for Safe Technology".

Although there is far from universal agreement as to the dangers of wireless technology, and there are many with vested interests in its continued use, evidence of its harmful effects is extensive and widespread. The default position must therefore be on the side of safety. One wouldn't consider using a chemical substance without knowing for absolute certainty that it could cause no harm, even if many people considered it safe and it had many benefits. By the same token, the benefits of wireless technology cannot be responsibly utilized when there is any evidence of harm, let alone the overwhelming information we now have of potential damage.

Changes in complex systems, such as the public school system, can be dangerously slow. I'm grateful that I had the autonomy to make the right decision for our students. On educating myself through the information provided me, I immediately removed all wireless technology from our school and banned the use of cell phones within our building. It was not a major change to hard-wire all computers. In our older classes, every child has a laptop, which connects to the internet through one of several hard-wired internet collections. We have advanced technology without any of the dangers of wireless radiowaves.

I am happy to discuss this decision with anyone who may be interested.

Kristin Cassie, Principal
Roots and Wings Montessori Place
5438 - 152nd St., Surrey, BC V3S 5J9

WIFI-Free Schools

Schools across the world are removing the industrial strength routers and replacing them with safe technology. 

"Wi-Fi environments will lead to high microwave exposure for students and teachers which might increase the burden of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress might slow down the energy production especially in brain cells and may lead e.g. to concentration difficulties and memory problems in certain individuals. The Austrian Medical Association recommends Wi-Fi free school environments."

- Gerd Oberfeld, MD, Public Health Department, Salzburg, Austria, on behalf of the Austrian Medical Association.

Channel 7 News Story

School Removes WIFI

UPPER Sturt Primary School, Australia “No WIFI” LOW EMF Policy

  • Upper Sturt's Wireless Policy can be downloaded HERE.


Portland Waldorf School, WIFI taken out!


Meeting House Montessori, Braintree Massachusetts, USA, WiFi Removed. 


Ashland, Massachusetts Public Schools (USA): In every classroom, are posted "Best Practices"to turn the WiFi off when not in use, to keep wireless devices at a distance and on the table. All staff are trained in this. Download Slides HERE. 

St. Cajetanus School, Belgium.  Initiated by father  David Van Delm, whose two children attend the school. David Delm said: “In Ghent WiFi has been banished from all kindergartens and nurseries. It seemed therefore opportune to introduce this in the Saint Cajetanus School in Perk. Therefore I decided to sponsor the construction of cable internet. Not only is it healthier for the students, the school also will benefit. The cable internet is indeed a lot faster than the current wireless network.”


2014: DearCroft Montessori CA:Hardwired internet to younger grades, limited Wi-Fi Router exposure to older grades after investigation. See Video.  

Ghent, Finland,  Wi-fi banned from pre-schools and day care.

St. Augustine Schoolin Italy turned off Wifi and goes back to Wires.

  • Read this article showing all the parents gathering as the router is ceremoniously removed from the wall by the adminstrator. 

Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, WiFi is prohibited. 


Winlaw Elementary School, B.C. Canada turned off WiFi.

Te Horo Primary School New Zealand Replaced WIFI with cable-based internet.

Kootenay Lakes District School Board BC (One school without Wi-Fi)


​Waldorf Avonmore School:Wired internet only 

Blaise-Cendrars High School, Switzerland. Teachers vote to remove WiFi.

Kivioja primary schoolin Ylivieska Finland bans phones and minimizes Wireless.

Halton Waldorf, in Burlington Vermont: Remaining free of Wireless Radiation

City of Lakes Waldorf School, WiFi taken out. Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Aurora School in Ontario removed Wifi and replaced with hardwired.

North Cariboo Christian School in Quesnel, B.C., removed Wi-fi .

Pretty River Academyin Ontario no WiFi.

 Wayside Academy, Peterborough, Ontario no Wi Fi.

Surrey, BC Roots and Wings Montessori removed Wi-Fi.

Ontario St. Vincent Euphrasia elementary: Parents voted to turn off Wi-Fi.

HEROUVILLE-SAINT-CLAIR wi-fi networks removed.


​Ballinderry and Maghaberry Primary Schools in Ireland removed Wi-Fi


Prebendal School in Chichester removed Wi-Fi network

Ysgol Pantycelyn, in Carmarthenshire, switched off Wi-Fi network

Stowe School, Buckinghamshire, removed part of its Wi-Fi network after teacher became ill.