Calais School, Plainfield, VT

A father at this Vermont School shared these radiation levels from this school and later put together this informative video below back in 2011 for the school community. 


A father in Oregon sued Portland Public Schools to get wireless out of schools. One of the witnesses in this lawsuit was (not a doctor) Dr. Barrie Trower, a physicist and former microwave weapons specialist for British Military Intelligence,  testified that the Wi-Fi frequencies and radiation levels broadcast in the school are no different than microwave weapons, similar to those used as weapons during the Cold War. The Judge did NOT rule on the merits of the case but argued that the FCC, not his court, has the authority to consider such a challenge. ​​Please visit this father's website at

RF Radiation in Petaluma School 

Acess Point in Petaluma Classroom. 

4.3 μW/cm² 
 the same as 
43000 μW/m²

Access Point in New Jersey School

In addition to the routers, some of the pictures show a wifi device in use in the classroom that is meant to assist a hearing impaired child. The other children speak into a microphone attached to a device (see it resting on a child's lap) and words are transmitted to the hearing impaired child.  Unfortunately these devices emit constant radiation similar to a cell phone. 

Measures to reduce exposure would be simple: 1. To turn it off when not in use and  2,  Keep the transmitter at a distance from the body (not resting right on children's laps). 

15  μW/cm²
 the same as 
150000 μW/m²

Excerpt from the District's Report

 The RF/EMF microwave radiation levels in these classrooms exceed federal safety guidelines many times, every day, based on total cumulative radiation exposure. This cumulative calculation method was confirmed by senior FCC and OSHA engineers. Read all the details here. 

In spring 2015, the parent group succeeded in getting the county to initiate additional radiation measurements in addition to the measurements taken previously (seen here). 

Read the press release on new radiation measurements here. 

Radiation Measurements in US Schools

Across the United States, Parents are Calling for Safe Schools.

Scroll down to see some of the radiation levels in schools across the country. The school administrators maintain that these levels are below FCC guidelines so they are "safe' despite the fact that FCC guidelines do not apply to chronic wireless exposure in schools. These levels are not "safe". All are higher that EMF experts state is "safe". 

Parents For Safe Technology

Friends Community School, Maryland

Starting 2013 parents raised concerns about  the wireless system in the school. Measurements were taken and experts commented on the levels. Please read the comments by Katherina Gustavs to the Friends Community School administration about the radiation levels from the routers. Below are pictures from the school. 

Wi-Fi measurements from Friends Community School testing in 2013
Standing right underneath ceiling-mounted Wi-Fi access point in classroom
<0.1 mW/cm2  or
1,000,000 µW/m2
At laptop during operation: 0.05-0.2 mW/cm2 or
500,000-2,000,000 µW/m2 

Here you see radiation measurements from around the United States. 

We believe that risking our children's health with wireless radiation in schools is unacceptable.  

If You have measurements to share please send them to us.

This radiation may be invisible but it is here and parents need to know about it. 

Montgomery County, Maryland

In the Montgomery County Maryland School District, parents from several schools are organizing to replace the wireless system with safer wired technology. They have a blog detailing their efforts at Safe Tech For Schools Maryland In the pictures below you can see the radiation levels from the official District readings. The radiation levels are detailed in the schools Bells Mill 2014 Radiation  Report HERE

Petaluma City, California

"Students in Petaluma City Schools are being exposed to total cumulative Radio Frequency ElectroMagnetic Fields (RF/EMF) microwave radiation at levels 8x higher than our federal maximum public exposure guideline every day." The parent heading Petaluma City safety efforts met with and spoke directly to senior officials at the FCC, OSHA and NCRP to gain a full understanding our RF/EMF federal maximum public exposure guidelines and the scientific basis for these guidelines and these are his words on hisinformative website RF-EMF

Please watch his  powerpoint presentation HERE