Why We Must Act

Listen to Our Stories to Understand the Challenge 

People Need Information Now
Families are Courageously Battling Wireless Linked Cancer

Teens Are in the Thick of It. 
They Should Be Informed on How to Use Technology Safely

Children are Most at Risk
And Will Benefit the Most From Our Efforts

Industry is Powerful
But We Parents Are Far More Powerful

“A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. 
― Agatha Christie

Parents For Safe Technology

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;

the most massive characters are seared with scars. -Khalil Gibran

We parents have one goal: to raise happy healthy kids. Now we parents must raise our voices to be heard over the corporations. Corporations may have money but nothing is as powerful as a parents love.

Bret Bocook is the father of three young children. His brain cancer could have been avoided had he known to keep the phone away from his head. He used to be an athlete and in excellent health. He is one of far too many loves-of-their-families-lives- who developed cell phone related cancers-  Milton Marks, Dan Brown, Andy Solomon, Jimmy Gonzalez, Steve Jasperes, Johnnie Cochran, Ted Kennedy, Gary Ravel and so many many more. Before his relapse he worked to  inform others about this issue. Let us continue sharing his words around the world.

Tiffany Frantz is a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer at 21 years old. She stored a cell phone in her bra for 5 years. (Watch her video to the left. She was not aware of the fine print warning stating the phone should not be stored against her skin. Her mother recently wrote that her cancer has metastasized to her liver.   (Read her mother’s letter here.)
Research is documenting a growing group of young women like Tiffany with unusual breast cancers located directly  where they stored their cell phones.

Our teens call their phones their “lifelines” unaware of the risks.  Teen phones are on 24 hours a day, underneath their pillows at night and against their bodies all day. 

Please listen to Charlene Acres share the story of how her daughter developed debilitating headaches from wireless.  

Our children will have a lifetime of exposure. We know that the younger the child, the larger the impacts on their bodies. Research shows their growing bodies are most vulnerable to this radiation. Even small toxic exposures can have large effects. If there are steps we can take to protect them... why would we not?

The Time To Act is Now
Waiting is no longer an option

This is not just “another thing” to worry about. This is a serious safety concern that we can do something about right now. Worrying will get us no where. We need to act.  Please watch the video to your left of attorney Jimmy Gonzalez talk about his cell phone related brain cancer. Not only did he develop malignant glioblastoma in his brain but he also developed a tumor underneath where he kept his phone in his suit pocket and in the hand where he held his phone. He passed away in the Fall of 2014 but not after his incredible advocacy resulted in Pembroke Pines Florida passing a Cell Phone Radiation Resolution. He has saved lives with his courageous words. May we draw from his fearless spirit to take action now.

The wireless industry
spends $128,000 per daylobbying policy makers. If you wonder how this mess all started look no further than to our US history. Companies have one goal: To make money. 

The tobacco industry along with with industry funded scientists fought for 50 years to “create doubt” so that people and even our own government would not move fast on informing people about the health hazards of smoking. The lead paint and asbestos industry have done the same. The reality is that long term health concerns have been swept aside for short term profits. Listen to Mindy Brown tell the story of her husband Dan Brown.