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Check Out These Excellent Websites

Parents and Citizens Around the World Are Raise Awareness. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these other websites and groups.

Websites about WIFI in Schools

The National Association for Children and Safe Technology

Please register your group in their directory!

The Environmental Health Trust​ Schools and Safe Technology Page 

Means For Change: Detailing efforts Worldwide and in Washington State. 

WiFi in Schools UK 
WiFi in Schools Australia 
WiFi in Schools(USA)    
Safe In Schools  

Safe School Committee (Canada)
SSITA Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance
Doctors for Safer Schools  
Escuela Sin Wifi (in Spanish) 
Parents for Safe Schools (Canada) 

Electrosensitivity Ireland, Dr. Don Maisch (Australian expert) – Facebook - WiFi overview – Canadian Initiative on EMR– Irish Dr’s Environmental Association

Must Know Websites!

Antenna Search 
Ever wonder how many cell towers are nearby? Just type in any US address and get the towers and antennas within a 4 mile radius.

Microwave News

Microwave News reports is recognized as a top on objective source of information on EMFs and health.

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety 
Dr.  Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley School of Public Health maintains the excellent blog.

Environment and Human Health
EHHI  hosts a very informative Cell Phone Report downloadable by Top Doctors.

Lennart Hardell's Blog
Dr.  Hardell is the internationally respected scientist whose research the International Agency for the Research on Cancer cited in it's classification of  RF as a possible carcinogen.

Canadians for Safe Technology
Canadians for Safe Technology is headed up by the former Canadian Microsoft President Frank Clegg.

Citizens for Safe Technology
Citizens for Safe Technology Society is a not-for-profit educational society made up of Canadian and U.S. parents, grandparents, teachers, business professionals, physicians, scientists, politicians and lawyers!