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Three Minute Testimony  to the Board of Education Spring 2015

Schools worldwide are removing Wi-Fi and replacing it with safe radiation free wired technology. In 2011 the World Health Organization classified wireless as a class 2 B Carcinogen and the evidence has only increased over the last four years.

Last week hundreds of scientists including World Health Organization doctors appealed to the United nations calling for urgent action because governments like the US have "failed" to set protective standards.

They cite thousands of study showing cancer genetic damage reproductive damage and brain damage. I'll quote their spokesman Dr. Blank "putting it bluntly wireless devices are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely."

It should not be Department policy to expose children to such a controversial radiation without informed consent.

We should ask the kids and parents if they are okay with a radiation that could make them sterile, have dementia, brain cancer and damage their immune system.

Dr. Herbert of Harvard states that the radiation from cell towers and Wi-Fi can "exert a disorganizing effect on children's ability to learn and remember" and be "destabilizing to immune and metabolic function." It's neurotoxic.

For example, in March, a published study called "The effects of radiation emitted from Wi-Fi equipment on micro RNA expression in brain tissue" found damage at Wi-Fi levels far below the legal limit. The authors state that long-term exposure to Wi-Fi equipment could result in increased neurological diseases.

The EPA is clear that FCC regulations are only set for 30 minutes of exposure not all day at school.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the California Medical Association and countless doctors have stated that outdated FCC limits do not adequately protect kids. Children absorb up to 10 times the radiation into the bone marrow of their skull.

The Chief of Obstetrics at Yale medicine Dr. Hugh Taylor officially recommends pregnant women reduce time to Wi-Fi hotspots because of the risk of brain damage to the fetus. What about parent what about pregnant staff and students? Entire schools are Wi-Fi hotspots.

As a mother I do not want my children in such an experiment. 21st Century learning can be done with corded connections.

Compliance with 18-year-old FCC regulations is irrelevant to student safety. Low EMF best practices exist and should be immediately implemented in all Maryland schools so schools met COMAR regulations which states that schools "should be safe."

We cannot go back in time with our kids. Wi-Fi  is an unacceptable risk. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to protect our children and their future.

Thank you,

A Parents ToolKit For Advocating In Schools and Councils

Examples of Testimony and Letters You Can Use. 

On this page we will post letters that parents have written and testimony they have spoken. Please use and pull from this as you work in your child's school to safe technology. You may cut and paste as much of it as you need. Be sure to send a personal letter from you as a parent as well as Doctors Letters and Briefings for Schools from the Resources to Print out Page. Be sure to CC all the administration, your child's teachers as well as all school board members. 

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