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Rich Farvar

Rich was a graduate student who died of a brain tumor at 29 years old along with several others who worked on the same floor across from a cell tower. He also was a heavy cell phone user as most college students are. 

An Open Letter From Virginia Farver

I lost  my Son Rich on October 11, 2008 from GBM Brain Cancer.  Rich was diagnosed mid March of 2008, and passed away just shy of 7 months after diagnosis.  Rich's Neurosurgeon from Poway, California told the family that this," was caused by cell phone usage."  After bringing Rich home from San Diego our Oncologist here in Colorado told the family that this," was not genetic."  Attorney Hunter Lundy reviewed Rich's cell phone usage and it was approximately 2-3 hours per day.  During 2008 I know that Rich was texting a lot at the time as well.

     On August 7, 2009 about 10 months after Rich had passed I found articles on the internet about a ' Brain Cancer Cluster on the SDSU campus.'  Rich was one of 4 people diagnosed who were  located in the same room and building on the SDSU campus,  Nasatir Hall, Room 13.  There is a cell tower that I investigated on campus.  Attached is a picture of this cell tower.  It is HPWREN - High Performance Wireless Research and Educational Network, a Backbone Node to the UCSD Supercomputer Center in San Diego.  This cell tower includes all of San Diego's SPAWAR Agencies, and all government NITRD Agencies.  HPWREN is connected via the Lambda Rail, TERA GRID, PRAGMA GRID, BIRN GRID, GENI GRID, and the ABILENE GRID to name a few.  Combined, these form the Smart Grid.  Thus Smart Meters, that are currently being installed across the U.S., Canada and around the world.

The cell tower in question is still on campus, and there have been other reported illnesses and deaths that can be tied to this cell tower, since the original articles were released.  If you type in:  2009 SDSU Brain Cancer Cluster-US News, or ABC, CBS, NBC, Daily Aztec, Voice of San Diego, some of these may still be found.  Ms. Laurel Amtower who was diagnosed in November 2009 and passed away August 29th, 2010 was not included in these articles.  Laurel was 44 at the time of diagnosis with GBM brain cancer and left behind a 12 year old daughter.  Laurel was located in the Arts & Letters building, right next to Nasatir Hall.  Also, Professor Paul Sargent was also diagnosed with cancer and passed away in January of 2013 after a 4 year battle with cancer.  Paul was also in Nasatir Hall.  In the attached picture ( taken by me in 2009 ) notice the dead tree foliage on the surrounding trees.  The cell tower is still there.


                             UCSD BREAST CANCER CLUSTER

    I investigated 2 other cancer clusters.  There was a  Breast Cancer Cluster on the UCSD campus in 2009.  This cancer cluster involves 15 people, 8 with breast cancers since 2000.  All of these people were located in the Literature Building on campus in the same office.  This room was located right next to an elevator and behind it is where all of the electrical equipment for the whole building was located.  High EMF's were found.  In the NY Times article below, please click on the FULL REPORT highlighted in blue.  Page 4 is a list of victims and types of cancers.  Page 27 there is a special thanks to Jim Turman from SDG&E ( San Diego Gas & Electric ) for his help in this investigation.  Also, Dr. Leeka Kheifets who works and does research through the ' Electrical Power Research Institute ' was put in charge of this investigation.  Both, Dr. Kheifets  and Mr. Turman should have been excluded from any and all investigations.  This was a complete conflict of interest.  Just like SDSU there was an epidemiologist report released and all investigations stopped.  Now Dr. Kheifets is testifying for the DOE about the safety of Smart Meters.

                                                                                                                                                    KELLY ELEMENTARY CANCER CLUSTER- CARLSBAD CA

  The Kelly Elementary School in Carlsbad includes several kids diagnosed with leukemia's and brain tumors.  I have emails by Dr. Bob Stevenson ( who testified alongside of Representative Andrea Boland from Maine to get warning labels on cell phones concerning brain cancer ) where he tried to contact these parents to get the emissions tested from high tension power-lines that cross this school property and surrounding residential neighborhoods tested.  I also have a list of 59 cell towers and 219 antenna's within a 4 mile radius of this school.  State Epidemologist's Dr. Raymond Neutra and Dr. Thomas Mack wrote the report for this cancer cluster.  They were also involved in writing the report for SDSU.  The proper investigation in all 3 instances should have been TOXICOLOGY STUDIES.  This is how the school districts have avoided any investigations and litigation.  I'll send you a list of the cell towers and antennas.

    If you need any other information, I have LOTS.  Had I known that cell phone packaging already included warnings, I could have prevented the death of my Son.  This is something that I would not want any other family to endure.  This needs to stop as soon as possible!  I have wondered throughout the last 5 years how many other kids with cell phones, or these other exposures are going to succumb to some form of cancer?  It needs to start with education, both for kids and parents.  Its no longer a matter of ' if ' but ' when ' many of these kids and parents will be in this position.  Hopefully not how I learned, the hard way.  This has destroyed me, and my family.  Rich, was the LOVE OF MY LIFE!

    Headaches, Nausea, FATIGUE, Endocrine Problems ( excessive under arm sweating, which disappeared after leaving SDSU ) Vision Problems, Irritability, MEMORY OR CONCENTRATION PROBLEMS.  I recall a conversation with Rich shortly before diagnosis.  Rich was applying for Law School in the CA. area at the time.  Rich told me " even if I get into law school, I don't know if I could make it through."  I asked "why" and he said," I cannot seem to remember things."  All clues that should not be taken lightly.  If only I had known.

Sincerely,  Virginia, Rich's Mother.