Biological and Health Effects of Microwave Radio Frequency Transmissions A Review of the Research Literature June 4, 2013 Paul Dart, MD 

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Dr. Moskowitz June 2015 Powerpoint , "Cell phone & wireless radiation safety policy

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Dr. Moskowitz Wireless Phone Radiation Risks & Public Health Policy 10-22-2015 

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Radio Frequency Radiations and Human Health: A Review of Indian Research

by Dr. Sharma of the Indian Council of Medical Research, 2015  Click HERE

​Click Here Leszczynski Presentation Belgrade, Serbia on Wireless and Health 10/2015 

This details research on brain cancer EHS and why precautions are highly recommended at this time. 

Om Ghandi. Underestimation of EMF/NIR Exposure for Children for Mobile Telephones and for Electronic Article Survellance(EAS) Systems, Technical paper presented at the International NIR and Health Workshop- Brazil, May 18,19,2009.

The 5th congress of the Paris appeal - Exposure to electromagnetic fields, mercury release and adverse health effects - may 18 2015SMJ Mortazavi, Ph.D , Ghazal Mortazavi, Ph.D Click Here. 

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