Parents For Safe Technology

Hold the phone, Central! Cellphone radiation can cause cancer: study
NY Daily News, Jul 29, 2015

Boston Parents Paper: Is Wi-Fi in Schools Safe? July 2015

The Telegraph: Is Wi-Fi Making Your Child Ill?

May 2015

Ashland woman headed to State House to talk Wi-Fi safety, Ashland Paper July 2015 

Cellphone safety: Where do you keep your phone?
CBS News, May 12, 2015

 Scientists appeal to UN to protect against danger of wireless devices International Business Times May 2015

Teacher Has No WiFi in Classroom: Turning OFF the WiFi Over Health Concerns CBS NEWS

Channel 7 NEWS: WiFi exposure an epidemic in the making?

An Open Letter to Apple, Inc.
Fearless Parent Louise Kuo Habakus calls on Apple to act ethically, take corporate responsibility, and teach users to reduce wireless exposure.

US Family Sues School After Child Gets Sick from Wifi installation 

New York Times
Debate Continues on Hazards of Electromagnetic Waves

"Former Miss India goes Ballistic on Wi-Fi in Schools"
-The Hindu Business Line

The Link Between Wireless Radiation and a Host of Serious Illnesses  
  -Frank Clegg past President of Microsoft Canada, Vitality Magazine  
Shallow Minds: How the Internet and Wi-Fi in Schools Can Affect Learning- by Dr. Cindy Russell, VP Community Health, Santa Clara County Medical Association Bulletin

Dads win battle against wifi in school
Two fathers have won a battle to have wifi removed from their local school amid fears it could be dangerous to children.

Doctors weigh in on dangers of Wi-Fi signal exposure
Channel 5 NEWS

Catholic board trustees want report on possible health issues with wireless technology

The Internet, Harmful to our Health?
by Jessica Ramer, Fort Lauderdale Environmental Examiner

Forbes: WIFI Exposure More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

Robert J. Szczerba, Forbes Magazine

Public Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation -- Flying Blind
by Dr. Devra Davis 

Readin', Ritin', and Radiation 
by Michael Bielawsk, Metroland

Cell Phone Health Risk?  Security concerns during the Cold War may have led to the generation of misinformation on the physiological effects of microwave radiation from mobile phones.
by Allen Frey, The Scientist

Wireless routers to get warning signs at Suffolk County buildings

Gray Matters: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

by Victoria L. Dunckley M.D

News Articles on Wireless      

The health concerns related to WIFI has generated several news articles worth reading! We also have included a few recent television pieces on the issue as well.