Responses from the Maryland Department of Education 

 March 7, 2014  Letter, Maria Lamb,  Interim Assistant State Superintendent Division of Student Family and School Support

"All reviews conducted so far have indicated that exposures below the limits recommended…do not produce any known adverse health effect. However, there are gaps in knowledge still needing to be filled before better health risk assessments can be conclusions about potentially harmful effects are not available in the current literature.”

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Letter April 23, 2014 from Joshua M Sharfstein M.D.  Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

"is fair to say that there are legitimate questions about the long-term health implications of microwave radiation, as well as methodological questions that limit our ability to provide definitive statements about those health  implications."

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Meeting Summer of 2014  Maryland State Department of Education's Chief of Staff John White met with apparent for over an hour about the health risks of wireless radiation in schools. He was given the Environmental Health Trust's School Briefing found here.  There has been no response  from the department from the information shared in that meeting.

March 19, 2015   letter from Elizabeth M Kameen, Principal Counsel,  Maryland State Board of Education

"You have requested that at least one elementary middle and secondary school in each school system be Wi-Fi free....  In letters and emails to you, the department has explained its view of the Wi-Fi safety issues."

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The parent called Ms. Kameen to follow-up asking "what is the department's view of the Wi-Fi safety issue". Ms. Kameen stated it had "already been communicated". The parent stated that she did not see anywhere in the correspondence any statement by the Board of Education on this view of the safety issue.  Ms. Kamen stated she would no longer continue the conversation because it had "been communicated" when the caller asked for specifics what the view of the Board was. Please read the letters above to decide for yourself if the view had been communicated. 

Maryland  Department of Education

Advocacy Efforts  by a Concerned Parent

Since 2012 parents in the state of Maryland have been advocating for safer technologies in schools. Below are the letters sent  from the State of Maryland to the parent in regards to her concerns on wireless radiation and children's health.

Parents For Safe Technology