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How To Stop a Cell Tower 101

Get All the Facts

Find out what companies are involved, what documents have been signed and who signed them. Use your right to public information to request all necessary documents such as leases, permits, applications and even emails between government officials, the school board and the cell tower company.

Form a Coalition

Cell Towers bring together people who have various concerns.

  • Lowered property values:  Cell towers are ugly and people do not like to buy homes near them.​ Learn more. 

  • Radiation health issues:  No proof of long term safety exists.

  • Safety issues:  Cell towers at schools bring a multitude of safety issues: Maintenance workers will be going in and out of the area. Background checks are often not required. Learn More.  

  • Cell towers catch on fire.

  • Accidents happen: Workers fall from cell towers. Learn more.

  • Birds: Indeed, many groups have successfully stopped cell towers based on the potential impacts to bird migratory patterns and bird health.

See the list of cell towers that have caught fire and fallen here. 

Spread the Word

Hand out flyers to parents and neighbors. Speak at PTA meetings. Contact local homeowners associations and local environmental and health groups. 

In the video to the left the cell tower was stopped after the meeting where so many citizens shared their opposition. 

Write Local Papers and Your Elected Officials

Write all elected officials and write all your local papers. CC everyone. Prepare email lists  so that concerned citizens can cut and paste it easily.

Here are some questions to ask your school board if they are considering a lease. 

Use Your Three Minutes

Go to school board meetings, city council meetings and speak.  Bring friends and be clear!

Get Media Attention

Call and email your local newspaper, TV stations  and journalists.  tell them what is going on and give them something to cover. Write up press releases and plan a protest  with signs. The media covers news which means you have to do something so they can take pictures and get the word out. This step is key to being successful! Tell them you have news for them to cover and give them information on paper so they can take it back with them after filming.