Parents For Safe Technology

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
-Mahatma Gandhi  

How to Advocate for Safe Technology at Your Child's School

1. Talk to Other Parents

We CAN fix this. Set up some face to face meetings with other parents. Explain how they can reduce exposures in their home.  Bring one or two printed resources so other parents have the tools to take simple steps in their own homes. We also recommend the Dr. Herbert/Dr. Carpentar Letters to start.

2. Talk to Your School

Set up a face to face meeting with your child’s teacher and school administrators . They have a responsibility to act after being informed. We recommend you hand them printed copies of a few of the Doctor’s Letters found HERE. Hand them the EHT Schools Briefing. Clearly communicate that you, as a parent, do not consent to your child being exposed to this radiation every day and that immediate action is needed.

3. Use Your Three Minutes

Inevitably, you and other parents will need to present this issue more formally by using your citizen right to three minutes of public comment at School Board Meetings and City Council meetings. Some of us had never spoken in public before and were incredibly nervous. But we did it !
It is incredibly important for us citizens in a democracy to be involved in these meetings. Sign up to speak, plan your testimony and do it!

4. Get Organized

Gather emails to update parents on news and give specifics on how they can help. Reach out to the PTA and other community groups and ask them to get this issue on the agenda for their next meeting. Then go and talk with them about the issue.


5. Stay Strong

Be prepared for the school to respond by saying that wireless is safe and does not want to consider safer options. We have all been there. Present them with Best Practices for schools. 

Stay clear and firm and continue to build a strong base of informed parents who will advocate alongside you.

6. Get Connected and Speak Out

Start a group, name your group and contact the press. Go to your elected officials and brief them on this issue. Write your local newspaper.

Connect with other organizations at the state level taking this issue on. Get on a some EMF listerves and Facebook groups to keep up with current news.

Blogs are easy to set up. Check out this blog by parents making headway in Maryland. Safe Tech for Schools Maryland