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Parents for Safe Technology and the National Association for Children and Safe Technology have developed excellent webpages on specific devices in our homes.

We felt this way too. At first we wished we never knew this information. Now we are so thankful to know.

Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.
Mother Teresa

Fortunately, if we parents take simple steps at home, we can drastically decrease our children's radiation exposure. Safe technology at home results in healthier sleep and 10 + hours each day for our bodies to rest and recharge. We took these steps one by one to  make a healthier home.  

We welcome you to learning more about what you can do

Yes, wireless is everywhere. It seems like we can't live without it. When we hear Wifi is dangerous some of us want to throw up our hands up and say "There is nothing I can do.. so I'd rather not know!"  

Five Steps to Safe Tech

Parents For Safe Technology

1. Learn To Love Cords: Turn Off The WIFI

Choose cords to connect to the internet, rather than wifi. For every wireless device in your home there is a non-wireless safe corded solution! Replace WiFi routers with non-wireless routers and run ethernet through out your house to the places your family uses tech. Educate yourself about all the sources of WiFi radiation in your home and choose the wired alternative. This can seem daunting at first but pace yourself and you will feel the difference. 

Rule of thumb: If it’s wireless, it radiates.

2. Get a Home Corded Phone

That's right, bring back the landline and be sure it has a curly cord! Home cordless phones actually emit serious amounts of radiation 24/7 from their bases and the handsets emit the same radiation as a cell phone.

We recommend a good old fashioned corded home phone. Make it convenient by running lines throughout your home and be sure to get an extra long cord for the handset near your kitchen so you can make dinner and talk to your friends at the same time.   

Detox from Your Cell Phone

Cell phones emit radiation even when you are not talking on them. So that phone in your pocket is actually sending radiation directly through your body. Minimize use and be sure to keep it far from your head and body when it is turned on.

We parents who have changed our relationship with our cell phone feel so much better. We are less stressed and no longer constantly interrupted by our phones. We forward our cell phones to our landlines at home and the office or even at a friends if we are awaiting an important  call. Children should not use phones unless it is an emergency.

Create A Sleep Sanctuary

Nighttime is the easiest time to eliminate wireless. Why have it on if you are not using it? Be sure everything is turned off, especially cell phones. If you need the alarm feature just put it on Airplane Mode. Many of us parents took our first step by turning off the home WiFi at night. Charge devices powered off away from bedrooms.

Learn about how to increase your children's healthy sleep on our Sleep page.

Get the Ball Rolling At Your Child’s School

There is no time like the present! The industrial routers in classrooms emit far more radiation than a home router. There is no need for our children to get full body radiation all day long.

As we cannot see, hear or taste it, it takes time for school bureaucracies to take much needed action. Best to get teachers informed sooner rather than later.

Learn more about what you can do on our Schools page.