Parents For Safe Technology

Research shows that wireless reduces sperm, changes sperm DNA and reduces ovarian follicles. Harm to the reproductive system has been shown repeatedly study after study. Our daughters are born with one set of eggs that they carry with them their entire lives. Considering research also shows that wireless could impact the egg membrane and damage DNA, it would make sense to reduce exposure as much as possible.

We pass our DNA down generation after generation. We all want the best chances for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We were surprised to learn that the current US regulations for wireless radiation do not protect our children and are eighteen years outdated. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Yale and Harvard doctors have called on our government to improve radiation guidelines "to protect children's health". Children absorb this radiation deeper into their brains and up to ten times in the bone marrow of their skull according to the AAP. Unlike us parents, our children will have a lifetime of exposure and the long term effects could be serious.

Why wait for our government to set safety standards for children?  That could take another decade. Using technology more intelligently now protects our kids now.

Research shows that wireless stresses the body. Increased oxidative stress leads to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, cancers, heart disorders, and inflammatory diseases. Wireless is classified as a class 2 B Carcinogen based on research showing increased brain cancer. Research has also shown an over-reaction of the immune system and impaired immune function after WIFi exposures.

Reducing wireless radiation supports a healthy immune system for our children. 

5. DNA and Fertility

Healthy Future Generations for our Families

3. Immunity

Stronger Immunity = Stronger Resistance to Illness and Disease.

4. Protected Children

Ensuring our Children's Safety

2. Brains

Children Will Have Improved Attention and a Stronger Memory. 

Research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed that wireless radiation at very low levels alters brain function.  Several research studies show that exposure to wireless radiation results in damage to brain regions responsible for learning and memory. Yale University showed that prenatal exposure resulted in increased hyperactivity and decreased memory. Wireless has also been shown to increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier which recent research suggests could lead to early Alzheimers. 

Our children's brains are worth protecting. Let's do it! 

1. Sleep

Children Will Get a Higher Quality of Sleep.

Wireless radiation impacts sleep length and quality.  A sleep-deprived child cannot focus their attention as well as a child who has had a good night's sleep. Sleep quality has a profound impact on learning and memory.

Research also shows that exposure to wireless radiation results in delayed entrance into deep non-REM sleep and to a decreased time spent in certain sleep stages. This radiation also inhibits a hormone called melatonin which regulates sleep cycle.    

Safe technology will support a healthy sleep environment for our children. 

We need to know about wireless radiation. Our families will thank us.

We all want our children be healthy and strong. Our families can connect with safe technology - meaning devices without radiation. The benefits are well worth the effort:

1. Sleep: Higher quality sleep.

2. Brains: Improved attention and strong memory. 

3. Immunity: Stronger resistance to illness and disease.

4. Protected Children: Children's safety assured.

5. DNA and Fertility: Healthy future generations for our families.

 Five Reasons To Use Safe Technology