Mobile Phones Cause Cancer - 60 Minutes PART1/2

Dr. George Carlo

on the Industry Cover Up

Parents For Safe Technology


Dr. Jerry Phillips on how Motorola attempted to control the "message" and outcomes of his research.

Wireless Companies Are Fully Aware of the Harmful Effects  

(and have been for years) 

Leading phone makers Nokia, Ericsson  and Motorola and telecom companies such as Swisscom have created components to protect users from the radio frequency radiation emitted by handsets . They have filed patents. They have activly worked to surpress the science.  Read on. 

In a 1994 Motorola memo—obtained and published by the New York–based Microwave News—a corporate communications employee discussed how the company could discredit Dr. Lai’s findings of DNA damage from cell phones. The memo concludes, “I think that we have sufficiently war-gamed the Lai-Singh issue, assuming the Scientific Advisory Group and CTIA have done their homework.”

Read the Motorola Memos in Depth in this Microwave News Document. War-Gaming the Lai-Singh Experiments: Text 

War-Gaming Cell Phone Science Protects Neither Brains Nor Private Parts,

Dr. Devra Davis Huffinton Post, 2013 

Cellphone Games: Does radio frequency radiation pose a cancer risk? Read a 2008 The Walrus article on  how Industry dried up research money after effects were found. 

UW Scientist Henry Lai Makes Waves in the Cell Phone Industry, Seattle Magazine. Excellent article on Dr. Lais experience.

The Swisscom Patent to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation from Wireless Networks (2004)

 "These findings indicate that the genotoxic effect of electromagnetic radiation is elicited via a non-thermal pathway."

This patent has an acknowledgement that the radiation at low levels -non thermal levels- leads to harmful effects, including an increased risk of cancer. Click to Download It

Manufacturers Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia have been patenting shields and other devices to reduce radiation exposure for decades.​


Nokia filed a patent on July 28, 1998, (and 1995) according to the U.S. patent office. The patent contains a description for the creation of a device that would protect the cells in a user’s head from radiation.

  • “It has been suggested that radio frequency irradiation may stimulate extra growth among supportive cells in the nerve system, which in the worst case it has been suggested could lead to a development of a malignant tumor,” 


Ericsson spokesperson Michael Westmark told Reuters that the patents were designed to improve the performance of mobile phones by reducing the radio waves they use, not specifically to prevent brain tumors, and denied the inventions were an admission that using the company’s phones presented a health hazard.


Wireless Industry's Patented System to Reduce Cancer Risk from Wireless Local Networks Never Adopted, Press Release Dr. Moskowitz

Mobile firms patent 'brain shields'

BBC News June 2001 

Cell Phone CEO: Forked Tongue – “no risk, but buy this protection”

Weeks MD  2007 

Mobile Phone Makers Patent ‘Radiation Shields’ To Combat Brain Cancer Risk, Wireless NewsFactor
Journalist: Jay Wrolstad June 11, 2001