Classes are usually lectures or group work time, not research time (that is done outside of college classes in study areas).  There is no need for wifi in every classroom. If it is needed for instruction then why not get hook ups in those classrooms with ports for all just as you would in a high school.  

College Students Deserve Safe Technology

University of Maryland has been informed. Read More

The Problem: College students today use cell phones as their primary connection to family and friends.  They spend hours on wifi laptops in wifi classrooms and sleep in dorms with industrial routers.      

FACT: 30 minutes a day/cell phone is linked to increased Brain Cancer
FACT: WIFI from Laptops Damages Sperm DNA
FACT: We have no idea what 24 hour full body exposure will mean.

Read the "Open Letter to Phillips Exeter Academy about Wi-Fi” by Deborah Kopald who wrote her Alma Mater.

Install a landline in every dorm room (like  the old days - meaning 5 years ago) and an internet hook up in every dorm room.

Parents For Safe Technology

The Story of Eva Tavares, University of British Columbia,

A few years ago Eva arrived at the University of British Columbia, ready to pursue her education. Soon she became ill with all kinds of severe symptoms she hadn’t experienced before – nausea, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations and insomnia. However, when she came home, her symptoms disappeared within a few days.

Returning to UBC, the symptoms came back. She then discovered a Wi-Fi router on the opposite side of her bedroom wall. After months of illness, she was medically diagnosed in 2011 with electrohypersensitivity.

“I am a young adult, yet I am not free by any stretch of the imagination,” she said. Read more about her story Here.

The Story of Rich Farvar

A College Graduate student and part of a campus cancer cluster. 

Read his mother's words in her letter here. 

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.
― Plato

Router at University of Washington 

Click on the picture to watch the video of a student talking about his experience. 

Sleep and Memory: Considering the science showing that WiFi damages sleep and our memory, why in the world would we saturate our higher learning institutions with this radiation. They barely sleep as it is!

Students: Raise this issue with your school and ask for sleeping and studying areas free of wireless radiation. Students can practice SAFE TECH and keep cell phones out of their bras and pockets.

Parents:  Talk to the school administrators about this issue and request they take action to reduce campus exposures. Write letters asking that they prioritize the health of your child.

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Solutions for Classrooms


What Can We Do ?

Princeton University Removed

WiFi Safety Assurances

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