Organization is Key.

Many communities have successfully stopped cell towers from being constructed near homes and children. The video to the left is of a community that organized strong protests to stop the neighborhood tower. Check out their informative websites. 

If parents organize, towers can be stopped. Be loud and clear! 

Get the information you need to stop a tower here. 

Parents For Safe Technology

Cell Towers Often Have Emissions Far Higher Than Federal Guidelines

One in ten cell phone antenna sites violate FCC rules designed to protect workers from excessive radio frequency radiation. Read
Lawmakers push FCC to Limit RF radiation exposure from cellular antennas

Senator Blumenthal, Representative Eshoo Urge FCC to Enforce Exposure Limits for Those Who Work Near Wireless Towers

The Radiation is Very High Near the Tower

Juhi Chawla is former Miss India and a top  Bollywood actress. When she found cell tower antennas near her home she began to learn about the issue and is now one of India's top Technology safety advocates. She is also fighting hard to stop WiFi in schools. The radiation beams are highest within .25 of a mile around a tower. 

Long Term Effects are Serious.

Eileen O’Connor tells her story of being a part of a cell tower cancer cluster in this video. She went on to be the Director of the EM Radiation Research Trust. We have detailed the key scientific research that shows increased cancer, cognitive functioning, poor sleep and genetic changes in people living near cell towers. Read the research here.   

A lot of people are waiting for Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi to come back - but they are gone. We are it. It is up to us. It is up to you.

-Marian Wright Edelman

Cell towers emit nonstop 24 hour microwave radiation. This radiation cannot be turned off and significant research shows increased cancer, sleep problems and neurological effects in residents who live near cell towers. Such high power devices have no place near our homes, schools or parks.

The International Association of Fire Fighters says "NO". 

The International Association of Fire Fighters’ has a formal position against locating cell towers on fire department facilities 'until such installations are proven not to be hazardous to the health of our members."  Read it here. 


​If the firefighters are concerned about safety, then we parents are as well. 

Quick Facts on Cell Towers

Cell Towers

Best Located AWAY From Schools, Homes and Playgrounds

Radiation is Not the Only Concern.

Cell towers bring a host of safety issues beyond simply the radiation. Across the country communities are concerned about the lack of transparency in informing the community about these issues. The video to the left comes from the Maryland Coalition to Stop Cell Towers advocacy. See their Joint Statement on 25 Reasons school cell towers are a bad idea. 

Cell Towers are Sometimes an Environmental Racism Issue  

Cell towers are disproportionately placed on schools with higher minority students. For example, in Montgomery County, Maryland cell  towers are clearly placed on the schools with higher numbers of minorities and students receiving free lunch. When cell towers are even considered in the more affluent white neighborhood schools, these plans are swiftly shut down.