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CHPS Special Consideration

The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified ELF magnetic fields and radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic based on scientific evidence surrounding incidence of childhood leukemia and brain cancer. Schools districts and design teams should:

  • Prohibit cell phone towers and base stations on school buildings or school property. (See siting)

  • Prohibit above ground transformers within 50ft from outdoor play, exercise and recreation areas. (See siting)

  • Run conduits for the future possibility of fiber optic connections.

  • Position electrical supply rooms and building power supply adjacent to low occupancy areas, among other strategies. 

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The Upper Sturt School

Technology Policy

Examples of Technology Best Practices

The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS)

CHPS is a leader in sustainable and healthy building with the goal of recently adopted EMF building code requirements which include wired computers, wired phones and wired LAN networks. Download the criteria HERE.

CHPS EQ 15.2.1 Low EMF Best Practices for Computers

The District or equivalent governing body for a private school shall pass a resolution requiring:

  • Desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, and tablets be operated on a desk; operation of these devices on an occupant’s lap or body is prohibited; computer workstation equipment must be greater than 2 feet from occupants.
  • Desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, and tablets be TCO-certified or laboratory tested to meet TCO Criteria “Mandate A.4.2” for EMF emissions.
  • Laptops or notebooks have an Ethernet port and a physical switch to conveniently disable all wireless radios at once and an adaptor with a 3-pin plug.
  • Only tablets that support a USB Ethernet adaptor for a wired network connection; operate tablets only in battery mode and not when plugged in., AND

CHPS EQ 15.2.2 Wired local area network (LAN) to reduce radio-frequency (RF) EMF

  • Install a wired local area network (LAN) for Internet access throughout the school. Provide wired network connections for desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, and tablets. All wireless transmitters shall be disabled on all Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Provide wired input devices for computer workstations.,

CHPS EQ 15.2.3 Wired Phones to reduce RF EMF in classroom

  • Install easily accessible hard-wired phones for teacher and student use and prohibit installation and use of standard DECT cordless phones and cordless phones operating at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz unless they have been laboratory tested to demonstrate that the cordless phone base station and handsets (whether placed in the charging station or not) do not emit RF EMF emissions in standby mode.
  • Prohibit the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices in instructional areas / classrooms. Additionally, they shall be required to be powered off or be in airplane mode (sleep mode is not sufficient) except during fire-life-safety drills and incidents.

...The Board should adopt programs to expand wired internet infrastructure and “EMF/RFR best practices” including the use of wired (CAT-6 or other), cable modem internet, or fiber optic connections instead that do not produce toxic exposures.”

-Cindy Sage, Editor of the Bioinitiative

Recommendations to the Los Angeles Unified School District

We parents do not need to debate science to choose the safest option. The fact is that scientists are ringing the alarm bell across the world.  Why risk our child's health?

There is no harm in installing safe corded connections in the classroom.  There could be a great harm to our kids if this wireless exposure continues.  

                             When in Doubt Throw It Out!

Best Practices at School = 100% Safe (Non-Wireless) Technology